Niall Hammond

Lay Catholic Chaplain

Niall joined the chaplaincy team in early 2017 having previously worked as a school chaplain, and before that, a rather unsuccessful secondary school teacher. Originally from Walsall he has spent the last decade or so in Sheffield, Chester and Warrington before migrating back to the Midlands. He lives on campus with his wife Sarah, herself a Keele alumnus, and their two cats (alma mater unknown).

He has a strong interest in Catholic Social Teaching, exploring a variety of spiritualties and trying to understand what means to be part of a church that is truly global and universal.

In his spare time Niall enjoys all things food related (both creating and consuming), the outdoors, music (with playing best described as ‘enthusiastic’) and occasionally donning his skates and a stripy shirt to referee roller derby. He answers to a variety of names but for the benefit of the uninitiated he would like to explain that, in his case at least, Niall rhymes with Keele.