Faith @ Keele

Students are at the heart of shaping faith provision and experience at Keele. The Faith @ Keele Group meets regularly to share good practice, address concerns and issues and influence future plans and thinking in relation to faith and belief.  It is predominantly comprised of Students from across the Student Faith Societies, but also Chaplaincy staff and Faith Advisers.

THE Multifaith forum

This is a group of representatives from the various worship centres and student faith groups. We meet in a social capacity to facilitate encounter, conversation, fellowship, understanding and social interaction, but also in an administrative capacity to raise issues and take action.   We have core standards of interaction which we expect of each other:

  • everything that is said at the forum remains confidential
  • the forum is for both present and future students
  • everyone is supported and knows their spirituality is catered for
  • it is a place to raise issues

There is also Faith microsite on the University website, which includes a section that will help you find university and local provision for different faiths, and also student societies.