The East Chapel is usually set aside as a place of prayer and reflection.  Many find that in the midst of a busy Keele day it is a blessing to be able to come in to a quiet (well most of the time) space to pray.  There is a board there where you can put prayer requests.

Chaplains’ Midday Prayer (Wednesdays during term time, 12noon in the East Chapel)  The Chaplaincy team hold a short midweek prayer service, using words drawn from various Christian traditions and prayer requests from the board.  All are welcome.

In the Catholic Apse of the East Chapel the Blessed Sacrament is reserved and you can light a candle as a symbol of continued prayer.





The Space is in the East Chapel, and is offered as a safe and inclusive space for people of any, or no faith. It’s deliberately kept free of any religious symbols and is available for individuals for quiet prayer, reflection or meditation.  See opposite for notes about how it may be used.